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" "Only hear that!" "Jest think on 't!" "Is everything a comin' absolutely sure more than enough?"   Uncle Tom was a type of patriarch in spiritual issues

them from your street, she gave the kid a breakfast from her minimal deal. The boy wondered and grieved that she couldn't take in, and attempted to wedge several of his cake into her mouth.   "No no Harry darling! Mom won't be able to take in until you will be Protected! We have to go on—on—until we arrive at the river!"   She stopped at noon at a neat farmhouse, to relaxation herself, and purchase some meal for her kid and self; for, since the Threat decreased with the distance, the tension with the nervous process lessened, and she discovered herself the two weary and hungry.   One hour ahead of sunset, she entered a village because of the Ohio river, weary and footsore, but nevertheless solid in heart.   It was now early spring, and the river was swollen and turbulent.

  "Sartin, we's been doin' a drefful wicked matter!" stated Sambo; "hopes Mas'r'll must 'depend for it, rather than we."   They washed his wounds,—they furnished a impolite bed,

"   A journey of about an hour or so extra introduced the celebration to a neat farm home, wherever the weary travellers found an considerable breakfast. Tom Loker was soon meticulously deposited in the A great deal cleaner and softer mattress than he experienced at any time been from the behavior of occupying. His wound was very carefully dressed and bandaged, and he lay languidly opening and

George was taken dwelling, and established in the meanest drudgery while in the farm. The producer, legitimate to his phrase, visited Mr. Harris a week or two adhering to George were taken absent, and tried using using each and every attainable inducement to lead him to revive him to his former work.

  1 early morning, even though Pass up Ophelia was occupied in some of her domestic cares, St. Clare's voice was listened to, calling her within the foot of the stairs.   "Appear down right here, Cousin; I've one thing to show you."

  "Nicely; but could it be accurate they are already passing a regulation forbidding folks to offer meat and drink to Individuals lousy coloured individuals that occur along?"   "There was a law handed forbidding individuals to help you off the slaves that come above from Kentucky, my dear.

Annelle: Flawlessly, I'm sorry, Sammy. But I am not about to check here take a position A further fifty many years of my everyday dwelling with a person I am not gonna run into In the hereafter.

  "Wash my dishes!" claimed Dinah, inside a significant essential; "Exactly what does ladies know 'bout work, I need to know? When'd Mas'r ever get his meal, if I was to spend all my time a washin' along with a puttin' up dishes?"   Overlook Ophelia lifted out the papers of sweet herbs.

  "You'll need n't trouble yourself to speak any more," he said, doggedly; "I do know my very own small business, sir. It's a cost-free state, sir; the man's mine, and I do what I make sure you with him,—that's it!"   And so fell George's final hope;—absolutely nothing just before him but

class of instruction from the art and secret of mattress-making. Topsy, washed and shorn of the many minor braided tails whereby her coronary heart experienced delighted, arrayed in the cleanse gown, with perfectly-starched apron stood reverently before Overlook Ophelia, with the expression of solemnity nicely befitting a funeral.   "Now, Topsy, I'm going to demonstrate just how my mattress is always to be produced. I am extremely particular about my mattress. You need to learn exactly how to make it happen."   "Of course, ma'am," claims Topsy, which has a deep sigh, along with a confront of woful earnestness.   "Now, Topsy, look below;—This is actually the hem on the sheet,—This can be the ideal facet in the sheet, and Here is the Erroneous; you keep in mind?"   "Certainly, ma'am," states Topsy, with A different sigh; but if the fantastic Woman's back was turned, the younger disciple snatched a pair of gloves along with a ribbon and adroitly slipped them into her sleeves.

occurred to get possessed of the desired facts; and along with his dollars in his pocket, our hero took steamboat for Red River, resolving to find out, and re-obtain his previous friend.

  The frosty ground creaked beneath her ft; and she trembled within the audio; every quaking leaf and fluttering shadow despatched the blood backward to her coronary heart, and quickened her footsteps, whilst from her pale lips burst forth, in frequent ejaculations, the prayer to a buddy over—"Lord, help! Lord, preserve me!"   On she went, forsaking one acquainted item following Yet another, until daylight identified her a lot of miles from all common objects on the freeway.   Right after some time, they came into a thick patch of woodland, and, sitting down down at the rear of a big rock which hid

  "Legislation, Missis, you will need to whip me; my old Missis allers whipped me. I an't utilized to workin' Except I gets whipped."   "Why, Topsy, I don't need to whip you. You can do perfectly; if you've a intellect to; what's the explanation you won't?"   "Laws, Missis, I's utilized to whippin'; I spects It really is great for me."

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